The Advanced Air Experience

Compared to traditional airlines with typical flights, Advanced Air is the obvious choice. We’ve mastered luxury charter and semi-private flights to top destinations, allowing you to fly like never before. Avoid TSA, steer clear of lines, and forget baggage fees; we’re here to reinvent what it means to travel.

Better Than First Class

When it comes to flight seat status, the order goes economy, business, first class, and then Advanced Air. Our semi-private flights offer so many benefits that even first class can’t compare.

Skip the Busy Terminal

Tired of busy terminals? Us too. It’s why we offer semi-private and chartered flights to prime destinations — without having to navigate crowded airports. Avoid TSA, skip lines, and board your flight without any stress.

Rediscover Air Travel

Our passengers have rediscovered what it means to travel by air. Our unique experience will change how you see flying — and have you doing it far more often.


Why wait in line at the airport when you could not wait in line at all? Our variety of flights make arriving and boarding simple and personalized.


Flying charter is designed just for you and those you bring along. There’s no hassle, no stress, and no dealing with the flying mishaps so common on commercial flights.

A New Flying Experience

Casual, classy, and convenient: Advanced Air makes flying simple. No traditional flight can compare to a TSA-free ride in oversized seats on a route designed with you in mind.