Lap Infants

Advanced Airlines reserves the right to request a copy of the birth certificate for lap infants.

Guests will be able to add their lap infant through the Advanced Airlines website. Lap infants under the age of two (2) are required to be ticketed on your reservation at no additional cost.

Guests who booked through a third party are required to ticket the infant through the third party.

Due to the number of oxygen masks on our aircraft, we may limit the number of lap infants onboard. If there is already an infant booked on your desired flight, you may wish to consider purchasing a seat for your infant or book an alternate flight.

Should you purchase a seat for a child that requires a child restraint system (CRS), they must have an FAA-approved CRS and be seated in this for the duration of the flight. Please see the following link to verify your CRS is approved for flight: https://www.faa.gov/travelers/fly_children/.