Flights to Silver City

Amidst the mountains of Southwest New Mexico is stunning Silver City. It’s described as equal parts Old West heritage and artistic modernity. For a trip that gives you all the benefits of a big city in a place with a small-town feel, a chartered flight to Silver City is a must.

Flights to Silver City From...


Hawthorne Municipal


Phoenix / Swift Aviation


Albuquerque Intl. Sunport

The Advanced Air Silver City Experience


When you fly semi-private to Silver City, you’ll reach this sunny corner of New Mexico without ever encountering a traditional airport experience.


For a flight free of elbow-bumping and lines, semi-private flights are the best option. Beat the crowd by visiting through Advanced Air.

Silver City Must-Dos

Is flying semi-private or charter to New Mexico next on your bucket list? Here are some of Silver City’s top attractions.

Downtown Arts District

Silver City’s vibrant arts district is filled with galleries, creation-spaces, and art installations. See why potters, painters, and more call Silver City home.

Camp, Fish & Hike

The outdoors are already great; Silver City makes them better. This town’s endless recreation provides the opportunity to camp, fish, hike, and more.

Jordan Hot Springs

Located in a national forest of Catron County, Jordan Hot Springs is a natural geothermal tourist spot with 94-degree-Fahrenheit water.

Silver City Grant County Airport Info


Arrive at the airport no later than 30 minutes before departure. We board 15 minutes before takeoff, though coming early is advised if traveling with extras such as pets.


Enjoy up to 50 pounds of checked luggage at absolutely no cost. Just ensure that any baggage, including a complementary personal item, abides by standard TSA guidelines.


Our flights to Silver City are completed on King Air 350s. These twin engine turboprop aircrafts come with club seating for up to nine passengers.


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